Monday, September 30, 2013

Learn Backgammon in 15 Seconds

It’s no secret how indispensable the game of Backgammon has become as a cross-training tool for the serious cyclist. Some of the benefits of the game were examined in this article while a bit of history, some of the finer strategic points and a brief account of Hugh Hefner’s love of the game were explored in this one.

Some readers, keen to add backgammon to their cross-training program, have expressed concern that whilst willing, they are unable to find the time in their already busy schedules to learn the rules and get up to speed. This is completely understandable seeing as how for most cyclists, any time not already consumed by work, sleep, eating, travel and home duties needs to be prudently allotted between organising “epic” rides, editing GoPro footage of “epic” rides and posting photos on Instagram of “epic” rides – there go another three kittens!

Like many other sports (hmmm??), often the best way to learn is to jump right in and begin playing. It pays to sit down for a few practice games with a friend who understands the rules (and knows how to set the board up correctly).

But for those who simply cannot find the time, I have prepared a short instructional video titled “Learning Backgammon in 15 Seconds”.

If you’re thinking “How could I possibly learn Backgammon in 15 seconds?” then keep in mind that there are plenty of other more complicated things you can do in that time including:
And you can even get a job in only 6 seconds, so learning a simple game like Backgammon in 15 is definitely achievable.

Watch the video, follow the dice rolls and prepare to be mesmerised as the game unfolds.

If you are still a little unclear on any of the tactics, then watch it again and again and again. Tell your friends and share the love. A bit of clever cross-branding with the Internet’s most important commodity, cat videos, should help to make Backgammon videos the next big thing.

Once Backgammon videos really take off, I’m anticipating a big merchandising boom – there are already a number of great backgammon-themed products out there.

As its popularity continues to soar, it is my hope that one day Backgammon will be played on life-size boards in summertime on beaches all around the world…

…not just in Israel.

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